The Scoop on Poop…

This current event takes place in Miami Beach, Florida at the Miami Metro Zoo.  There is a "Scoop on Poop" exhibition going around the United States started by Dr. Wayne Lynche.  The exhibit features large, colorful graphic panels and 3-D models of animal dung!  It also shows how animals use their dung for necessary needs.  Some examples are using dung for camoflague, cooling off and making shelter.

Do you think it is right for there to be an exhibit of animal poo?

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_6_poop.mp3


Randy "Macho Man" Savage and He Who Shall Not Be Named

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One Response to The Scoop on Poop…

  1. Sweetie says:

    The “scoop on Poop” is quite a catchy name but, possibly odoriferous. (had to go to for that spelling. : )
    Studying the animals from this perspective is a good way to learn more about an animal but, it probably gets more difficult with the size of the animal….or maybe more smelly. Big animals make big poos ! ! Happy studying.

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