Not Your Average 3D Movie!

Let’s all admit it—3D movies are super cool!  Sitting in the dark with cardboard glasses complete with cellophane lenses is an experience that just can’t be beat. 

But what if the 3D glasses cost $550 million dollars?  Would it be worth the money then?

That’s how much NASA spent recently on two satellites that are going to take 3D pictures of the sun. 

Is it worth it?  Should we be happy that our country has spent so many millions of dollars on space research—or should we be pushing our leaders to spend more on other issues like health care or education?

Leave us a comment to share your thinking!

Here’s our viewpoint:

Download blurbcast_8_solar_study.mp3


Smokey Joe and Pretty Penny


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I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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2 Responses to Not Your Average 3D Movie!

  1. Hookey the Pookey says:

    It is really cool isn’t it that we have come this far in space travel but you know someone just died right now of hunger we could have prevented! i think we should have waited until we could fly into space easier and cheaper.

  2. Tony Hawk says:

    Dudes! This website is totally awsome. Well here is my comment. yeah we should put those satilites into space if my cell goes out i wouldn’t be able to do anthing. my fans could not watch me on T.V

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