Never Eat Red Ice….

We had an interesting week around here at the headquarters of The Blurb.  A bunch of girl reporters started hanging "Save the Seal" signs all over the hallways.  There was even talk of boycotting digital fish sticks here at CyberMiddle.

You see, they stumbled on a current event that takes place in Canada.  Apparently, there is a seal hunt every year.  Men literally beat cuddly little seals with clubs, spilling their blood across the frozen winter’s snow.  The website that they were looking at stated that over 330,000 seals are killed each year in "the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet."

We found another article, though, that was far less biased, presenting both sides of the story.  Now we’re wondering whether or not seal hunts of any size are acceptable. 

Here’s what we’re thinking:

Download blurbcast_10_never_eat_red_ice.mp3

What do you think?   Be sure to leave us a comment…

Melvin the Chicken Hunter and Bam Bam Bigelow


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4 Responses to Never Eat Red Ice….

  1. Cinderella says:

    Hey Blurb,
    I think it’s not ok that people are killing the seals. I think it’s not ok because there are fewer hunters than humans so one or the other will die, and it’s better for humans to die. If the hunters die because they can’t kill seals they have two choices. 1.Find a new job and food to eat.2.Or just not find a new job and let your family starve to death. So there is a solution.

  2. Audrey The Tooth Fairy says:

    I personaly agree with Bam Bam Bigelow to some extent. I don’t think taking away people’s jobs is a solution to this problem. However, I don’t think killing 330,000 seals a year is healthy for the enviroment. Instead I think that there should be limits to killing them. For instance, only enough seals skins to sell so that seals are not randomly killed and wasted.
    ~Audrey The Tooth Fairy

  3. I don’t think that it is okay to kill seals. There might not be that many seals that are being killed, but think about how the seals feel. They are being killed and the seals probably don’t like it. Just because humans are the dominate species, doesn’t mean that we can go and kill harmless seals just to make fashionable clothes. We can make fashionable clothes out of something other than live animals. Fashionable clothes aren’t needed to help us survive. If we could cut back on the fashionable clthing,many seals would be saved. Even if we couldn’t cut back on killing seals, they could at least do it in a less painful way. Seals are being skinned alive! At least kill them before you skin them! They are also beating the seals to death! Don’t make the seals suffer as they die! At least kill them in a way that they don’t have to feel pain! The seal hunt might help the economy, but but they are making seals suffer in the process. I don’t think this cruelty should be aloud. What do you think?
    -Judy the Chemist

  4. The Resa says:

    I agree with Melvin,the killing of these seals should be done with less brutality.

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