The Latin Pushback

Our friends on Our Opus recently featured a current event story on Finland.  Apparently, Finland is pretty passionate about Latin. They are posting official documents and conversations in Latin on their website. 

In their podcast, Our Opus asked whether or not Finlad should continue to post official documents in Latin—-Apparently most of the commenters think it is a good idea.

We don’t.

Here’s why:

  1. Posting things in Latin would be bad because not everyone in Finland (or the world) speaks Latin!  While we could get a good idea of what they were trying to say, we wouldn’t know exactly what they were saying.  If they’re posting official documents, we need to know exactly what they are saying.
  2. What makes this really scary is that if no one speaks Latin, then how will they be able to interpret what these important documents say?  The few people writing the documents could be lying about what the documents really mean.

So what do you think?  Are you in favor of documents in Latin? 

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