The Art and the Fart…


We have been looking at an interesting current event about whether or not graffiti is a form of vandalism or art.  A girl named Leonni in Warwickshire, England has argued that it is art and not vandalism. 

She said that graffiti is a crime when used on walls or train stations, but that we should be able to learn it at school or just use it as decorating.  She also says that if we see graffiti in the right place, people might respect it more.

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_11_art_fart.mp3

So what do you think?  Is graffiti a form of vandalism or a form of art? 

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Trixie the Pixie and Elmo


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4 Responses to The Art and the Fart…

  1. yogi dog says:

    I think that graffiti should be an art because then people can draw and it can express themself and also i think that graffiti is cool because its just fun to write in your own way and you just get to choose what it will look like.

  2. Gerdie the Spy says:

    I agree with Elmo. I think that Graffti should be used as an art becuase it can help teach children how to write in it but it can also create cool looking works of art. I can aslo see where Trixie the Pixie got her side of the story. I can go with both parts, but, my mind is leaning a little more towards Elmo’s side of the story.

  3. Sweetie says:

    There are fabulous artists everywhere and if they see a place in an inner city area they can make more beautiful, I say do it ! !
    Take a look at this link. This is a special program in Philidelphia that helps pay for the murals to help beautify the city.
    Can you imagine painting artwork that is as big as a building??
    Graffiti can be ugly….but, not the way these people do it.

  4. Buttercup says:

    I think that graffiti shouldn’t be alwod because graffiti looks really interesting but it is also vandilisum. Usually peole do it in public places so it makes the buildings not look so serious ( if it is an office building). Also I don’t think that graffiti should be alowd is because people start it and they don’t stop and it will just send a bad message out to others.

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