Game On!

_42335448_2065203 So, are you a gamer?  Do you find it hard to put down the joystick and go to bed at night?  Does your mother yell at you to come and join the family for dinner right when you’re about to defeat the evil Mothra and make it to Level 12 on the latest PS II game?  Did you camp out on the night the newest Nintendo system was released?

If so, then you’ll be interested to know that college professors in Chile are trying a new approach to reach their students.  They are teaching students leadership and teamwork skills through video games—yes, that’s right, students are required to play video games to earn credit in their college classes!

Some people argue that video games are a great way for children to learn…especially those raised "connected" to technology from the time that they were born.  Others argue that it is impossible to learn in meaningful ways through video games and that gaming is for play only.

Here’s what we think:

Download brain_game.mp3

So what do you think?  Can gaming be a useful tool for learning, or should gaming be left for after school downtime?

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7 Responses to Game On!

  1. Mrs, Hazard says:

    I am in favor of teaching through video games. But as with anything this will not solve every issue that teachers must content with. I am in favor of it for it’s ability to motivate students.

  2. Bob Schneider says:

    Different people learn by different methods. There are many who will find video gemes a beneficial way to learn.

  3. Bart Simpson says:

    I think that they shouldn’t teach through video games because some kids might stop focusing on their work and might want to play games instead of studying. A lot of kids would perfer that teaching method but, what’s to teach?

  4. 15cent says:

    DO you really think that this is the best way to teach students,that are paying thousands of dollers to go to collage. Thats my question?

  5. Jenny says:

    yea thats a good point Bart Simpson you do need to pay a lot of monery to get into collage!! I think they should do video games for some classes like ones that it can help make the students better understand what they are learning! Like if you were studying to become an engineer maybe there would be a game where you can try and fix cars!!! It would help students learn and help it be more fun. But no not all classes should have a video game only classes that it would help should have them!!

  6. bobs brother dude guy says:

    I have learned some things from video games. Such as I knew that an embassy was a place were foriegn people can stay and you are not suppose to touch once they are inside. I have learned many things from video games.
    Have you learned things from video games?
    bobs brother dude guy

  7. THE JOKER says:

    I think it’s awsome that kids can learn through video games and kids in college are required to play video games! I hope I get excepted into that kind of college when I’m older!

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