The Troubles with Religion

_42357208_stone_pa We learned about a Christianity Crisis in Northern Ireland this week.  Michael Stone—a Protestant Loyalist who has spent some time in the slammer—recently tried to break into a meeting where Northern Ireland’s fate as a nation was being decided.  He intended to try to kill two Republican Catholic leaders.  This is just another event in "The Troubles," a time of violence in Northern Ireland between Protestants and Catholics.

Our question is are people like Michael Stone right to try to protest with violence?  Does violence as a form of protest make sense?

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_16_religious_troubles.mp3

So what do you think?  Is passion for your religion ever worth a violent protest?

Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again here on The Blurb!


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One Response to The Troubles with Religion

  1. Fred the dude! says:

    So a man was trying to kill a Catholics because of religion, almost the same roligon? That would not be worth it because fighting never gets you anywhere. Is there another way to settle the trubbles?

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