A Credit to Carbon

_41494260_chimney203getty The European Union is about to start a new program aimed to reduce the amount of carbon that member countries release into the atmosphere.  Because carbon is a leading cause of global warming, it is believed that cutting back on carbon pollution will help–in the long run–to save the environment.

Unfortunately, not all member states agree with the plan.  Germany–one of Europe’s largest polluters–says that cutting back on carbon will make prices go up because companies will have to pay more to make their factories "environmentally friendly."

So the critical question is should we push forward with plans to reduce the amount of carbon in the environment even if it means that prices will go up?

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_17_carbon_credits.mp3

What do you think?  Leave us a comment and join us again soon here on The Blurb!

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One Response to A Credit to Carbon

  1. 15cent says:

    Well I have a qustion for you. What if everyone factory wise used up all their carbon credits, and kept on using more.How would this effect the economy? Positvely and negatively?

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