And the Award for the Worst Treated Pet Goes To…

_42336223_rabbit416bbc In the UK studies show that rabbits are the third most popular animals in ’06, but they are also the worst treated animals. They are getting released because their owners don’t want to pay for the food anymore. The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals) reports that over 35000 rabbits are released each year, 40% are underfed,and 70% spend all day in thier hutches, which is unhealthy.

We are trying to figure out whether people should get in trouble for releasing the rabbits or not.

Here are our thoughts:

Download blurbcast_21_animal_arguement.mp3

So what do you think?  Should people get in trouble for mistreating and releasing their animals? 

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Warlord and Melvin the Chicken Hunter


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2 Responses to And the Award for the Worst Treated Pet Goes To…

  1. The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane says:

    Wow, that’s a really intresting article. I have adopted my own pet rabbit and I personally think that who ever had him first was very irresponsible. When you think about it many kids just want a rabbit for Easter and then forget about it later. However,if you just tell people they can’t have a certain pet because they may not treat it well that company would loose. So in both ways people would be unhappy.
    Love the blurb!
    The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane

  2. Darth Maul says:

    I think it is very mean for people to buy a pet and mistreat it. If they know they can’t handle the responsibility!

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