Robbing the Hood

_42369892_rally_ap203b A few weeks ago the Bolivian president ,Evo Morales tried to pass a new law to take unused land from the rich and give it to the poor native people. First the senate did not like the law so they did not approve it. Then after a riot three senators changed thie prospectives, causing this law to be passed on December 4.

The rich do not like this law because even though the land being taken is unused, it is still 20 million hectares.  They are even threatening to use force to protect their land. 

So the critical question is this:  Should the government be allowed to take all that land and give it to the poor?  Also, should the rich threaten to use force considering they don’t use the land being taken?

Here’s what we think: 

Download blurbcast_19_robbing_the_hood.mp3

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