Louie the Lobster Says…..

Lobster Happy Holidays!

Hey guys, tis the season–the Blurb is going to slow down over the holidays. Us kids in cyberschool will be spending most of the time with our families. This won’t mean there will not be any more future podcasts. We will  have the occasional podcast these next few weeks. Just not as many as usual. Cyberschool will start up again in about two weeks.


The Hamster and Melvin the Chicken Hunter

Co-Assistant Editors to the Editor in Chief, who–of course–is the Chief Editor


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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3 Responses to Louie the Lobster Says…..

  1. Merry Christmas from Alabama! The weatherman is predicting a wet Christmas for us (rain!). So, I hope all of you have better luck and enjoy a white Christmas.
    Looking forward to visiting your blog again!

  2. Peggy Eaton says:

    Dear Blurbers: I think your website is a great way to get people thinking about important issues. I think it’s wonderful that you are dealing with serious subjects and giving people a voice. We don’t always like to hear what people have to say, but you support their right to say it! Great site to visit. Thanks for the invite.

  3. Jake L says:

    I like how you posted the answers to Fred and Bob! my mom thinks that it is incredible that kids have made such a great web site! she loves to check your blog about once a week to see what you are doing.
    !!!!Happy Holidays!!!!!
    -Jake L

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