And the Answers Are….

Preparation_materialsanswers We had a great feedback comment yesterday from Jake, a listener who wrote:

I was listening to Fred and Bob and I am pretty sure they are in Bolivia, but how do we know that we are right or wrong?  To improve you site, The Blurb (cool name) I think you should post the answer after a few weeks.  Consider this idea.

Well, Jake….We considered it and you’re right!  Posting the answers after a few weeks is a great idea.  That way, our listeners can find out if they were right!

So here’s the first few answers for Finding Fred and Bob:

In Episode 1, Fred and Bob were in Iceland—Their population is 294,000

In Episode 2, Fred and Bob were in Germany—where they use the Euro

In Episode 3, Fred and Bob were in Italy—where the GDP per capita is $27,642

In Episode 4, Fred and Bob were in Mongolia–which is just a cool place.

Keep looking in the future for the destinations of Fred and Bob’s other adventures!


Bam Bam Bigelow


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3 Responses to And the Answers Are….

  1. Connie C. Stigler says:

    I want to comment on your entire blog. This is incredible stuff folks. I don’t know of high school students posting anything to equal this. You all are really doing great stuff here and are awesome. I now have you bookmarked and plan to follow everything you are doing. When I have more time to sit and play I plan to visit each of these postings and go on some of your “hunts”. Again, great work! Connie Stigler, Alabama

  2. Jake L says:

    I think that it is really cool that you used my idea and I really enjoy reading and listening to your site! I found a site under the COOL BLOGS called Our Opus, I like your site way more and I think it is hard to understand what they are saying in a pod cast! I listened to a Harry Potter post on ther Blog and I had no idea on what they were talking about!!! I like how you talk clearly and there is no stumbiling
    Keep Up The Good Work!!
    -Jake L

  3. 15cent says:

    Thank you for posting these answers but when will you post the next answers?

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