Houston, What IS the Problem?

Moon_012127s NASA has announced a plan to build an office on the moon.    This office will be used to carry out special research of the moon and to observe our planet from space.  NASA also hopes to use this office as a staging point for a trip to Mars.  They hope to return to our only satellite by 2020.

This office will be the first long term settlement off of Earth.  Needless to say, it will cost millions of dollars and be extremely risky to build.  So our critical question is this:  Is this mission worth the risk the astronauts are putting themselves in?  Why?  Is space travel ever really worth the risk (or the costs)?

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_23_houston_what_is_the_problem.mp3

So what do you think?  Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon here on The Blurb!


Doink the Clown and Razor Ramon

(Image retrieved from http://www.pict.com/tomi/astro/televue/images/moon/moon_012127s.jpg on December 27, 2006)


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2 Responses to Houston, What IS the Problem?

  1. Hey, guys! I found your blog today, and I think it is wonderful! I posted about it on my blog (crmsglobal.edublogs.org.
    Here is what I said:
    I found a great blog via Tapped In today that I wanted to share. It is called The Blurb, and here is their description of what they are doing:
    The Blurb is a daily, weekly or sometimes monthly news show created and maintained by some seriously motivated students living in cyberspace! Check out our news and views regularly.
    I love the format they have used, and I think it would be great for our students to read their posts and leave a comment. Retha, could this site help you when you teach persuasive writing?
    I have added your site to my bloglines, and I will enjoy keeping up with what you are doing! Keep up the good work!

  2. Poblo says:

    I think the NASA has the right to do this misson trip because they can make more recerch on the moon. Also people already take risks in there life like people fighting in an army, they are takeing a risk. When anyone does anything they can be takeing a risk. some bigger then others but still if people were afraid of risks we should all live alone in a cave so nothing would happen. I think we should not be afraid of the risk. But what about the money if this fails?

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