Barbie Backlash


Barbie, the ever-so-wonderful doll that almost no girl in the States is found without, has been banned in countries like Saudi Aribia, Russia and Malasia. They say she is not creative because she is not a creative doll because she is ready made and a bad role model for girls.  They also say that she is evidence of Americanization.

So the critical question is should countries ban toys for these reasons?  Our should countries allow children to play with Barbie because she’s a classic?

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_28_barbie_backlash.mp3

What do you think?  Leave us a comment and join us again soon on The Blurb!


The Nameless Ones….

(Image retrieved from,GGIC:2006-50,GGIC:en%26sa%3DN on January 10, 2007)


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One Response to Barbie Backlash

  1. Hi Mom says:

    Hey I like the podcast in all but once i went to go see if the article was real I clicked on the link and the website you have didn’t look like a reliable source.
    Hi mom

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