Thank Goodness No One Brought Tomatoes!

_42339697_alagna_ap203b A Franco-Italian tenor, playing the lead role in Verdi was booed off of La Scala Opera Houses stage.  After his astonishing departue, his under study ran to the stage in jeans. Alagna blamed his hostile audience for his exit.

So our critical question is Is it appropiate to boo somebody? What if you paid money to see a performance? Should you ever show disapproval? If so how?

Here is what we think:

Download blurbcast_29_no_tomatoes.mp3

Leave us a comment and share your thinking.


Piglet, Misty, The Hamster

Image retrieved from on January 11, 2007


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One Response to Thank Goodness No One Brought Tomatoes!

  1. SillySammi says:

    I think that is is okay to boo some one off the stage. I mean it is the people’s own opinion. The people use their OWN money to whatch whatever and if they arn’t good- who is there to say not to boo? I think it’s a more importaint reason that it’s the people’s opinion.

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