Beckham Pushback

In response to our recent post on David Beckham’s salary, PushbackDominik Hasek, one of our readers, recently wrote:  No one thought NASCAR was going to take off either; look at it today. I believe LA Galaxy and the sponsers (Adidas, etc..) are taking a shot at the US market and trying to turn the sport into what it is in Europe. If the gamble pays off…his salary will look like peanuts in 5-7 years.

We agree that in the future, Beckham’s salary may look like peanuts, but there are people in the world today who are dying because they can’t afford peanuts!  Infonation, a source of information about countries around the world, told us today that the average Ethiopian makes $90/year, the average Somalian makes $110/year and the average Nigerian makes $171/year. 

We’re still wondering whether we should spend millions of dollars on entertainment while people around the world are starving.  Isn’t there a better use for our peanuts?

We’re listening…

The Blurbers.


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8 Responses to Beckham Pushback

  1. B lurb Lover says:

    That is a really intersting pushback! I agreed with Dominik until you wrote this. It really got me thinking and I still have not yet come to my decision. I hope to see more of these in the future!

  2. peoples says:

    Even if there is a better use for these penuts, these penuts aren’t our’s. It’s the soccer team’s money, and if it wasn’t used to hire Beckham it would still be used on entertainment. Shouldn’t they be able to spend their penuts however they wan’t? By giving this money to other people, we would be penut theifs!

  3. loopy loopy says:


  4. greg the goofy gucky guy says:

    i luv the blurb

  5. Dominick Hasek says:

    Hello Blurbers,
    Excellent pushback.
    I agree that there are many people in the world who are suffering. It is an unfortunate reality for many countries including the ones that you list.
    I wanted to do some homework and look into what the US does for nations such as these. There are many places to get information and I thought I’d share with you some of this data. Please do not quote me on any of these facts and feel free to do some of your own research. I found it very interesting and thought I would share some of the data I had read.
    There is a US Agency for International Development (USAID). They have a great website…
    They specifically discuss what they are doing, how they are spending, and specifically mention the three nations you refer to in the pushback. I would encourage you to visit and read what they are trying to accomplish in these nations as well as others.
    A United Nations agreement was signed many years ago said that of the worlds richest countries, they would contribute .7% of their GNP to economic aid. While many of the largest countries(including the US) fall short of that number, the dollars used for worldwide aid is amazing.
    In 2005 54.4 Billion dollars was collectively gathered from these UN countries governments for world wide aid. This does not include private donations… Japan was the first on the list with 8.9 billion, UK- 7.9 billion, US 7.5 billion, Germany 5.6 billion.
    The dollars only represent the amount spent/budgeted by the Government.
    The US number does not include the religious, charitable foundations and private donations of the American citizens.
    Total world wide aid was 108.5 billion dollars; In 2005 the total of US Aid was 37.5 billion dollars. That is a lot of extra dollars being contributed by a county whose citizens are priviledged enough to do so. These private donations by the US citizens is higher than what the US government is contributing.
    I am not sure what the right answer is re: foreign economic aid and how the US should handle it. I know I will continue to to donate my portion of the US dollars through my taxes and I will continue to donate to charities that I feel are helping with efforts to make life easier for suffering people worldwide.
    I may also go see an LA Galaxy game with what I have left over…
    —keep up the great work; Love the site.

  6. Jhon Cena says:

    I think its a really interesting debate. But I don’t think its that fair that someone can make that much money, and some people are starving for food. It is their own tallent, but alot a people have talents, and they don’t get paid for it. This is a very interesting debate.

  7. Jhon Cena says:

    I think this is really interesting. But I do think its a little unfaier getting that much money. People are starving for food while he David Beckham gets all that money. It is his talent but lots people have talents and they don’t get any money. This is a very interesting debate.

  8. Bow bela says:

    i think that we should give less money to the stars and more money to the people that need it. Dont get me wrong stars earn the money but do you think they need that much? we should be giving the money to schools they don’t have all the money in the world like stars do.

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