Gdzie są Fred i Bob?

Fred_and_bob_6 Fred and Bob have gone on another popular–and cold–adventure in the great wilderness of our earth.  When they get back, we’ll be sure to ask them for a souvenir!  Can you help us find them?

Here are ten clues:

Download fred_and_bob_10.mp3

If you find them, leave us a comment…or send them home!


Razor Ramon and Ger-Man


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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One Response to Gdzie są Fred i Bob?

  1. Dunkin says:

    I think they are in Poland!
    Minor correction to your clues…
    Lattitude runs N and S.
    Longitude runs E and W…
    Thanks for the hunt; I enjoyed learning information about this country.
    I hope Fred and Bob have passports to reenter into the USA.

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