The Protest Pushback….


We have come upon a interesting podcast on our "friendly" rival ‘s site, the Opus. The podcast  displays Italy’s stand on the death penalty after Saddam Hussein’s death. In protest, Italy illuminated the Coliseum—which is a gesture they use to praise or congratulate countries who have banned the death penalty. 

So the critical question of this current event is should a country be able to choose to legalize the death penalty, OR should it be banned worldwide?

We agree with the Italian prime minister, Romano Prodi when he said, "No crime can justify on one person killing another."  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  Also, not all countries have a law against cruel and unusual punishment.  Finally, there could also be false accusations where accidents occur in courts and innocent people are blamed for a crime.

But there has to be a way to protect a country’s citizens from "bad guys."  If you don’t have the death penalty, in what ways do you punish criminals who pose as a threat?

Leave your comment and share your thinking.


Piglet, Pooh Bear, The Hamster and Melvin the Chicken Hunter

(Image retrieved from on January 24, 2007) 


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2 Responses to The Protest Pushback….

  1. Frodo Baggins From the Shire(ouropus) says:

    I think the death penelty should be aloud because the evil people reiceiving it can escape. But i can see why people would disagree with me. Like you said,” Two wrongs dont make a Right”.

  2. Jim Beatson says:

    I note that Piglet divides Beckham’s $90 a minute by 6 and calls it $15 per second. Where I live we have 60 seconds in every minute, not 6! The Beckhams have both donated and raised vast sums for charity and continue to do so. Why criticise them for what they earn; if you were offered this kind of dough for doing a job you enjoyed, of course you’d turn it down….

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