_40608923_ireland203 Lately in Northern Ireland, The Troubles are getting worse.  These series of events have gone back to the 1960s.  Many groups of Catholic and Protestant terrorists are set out to kill each other.  Just a few weeks ago, we wrote about a Protestant Loyalist called Michael Stone, who brought various weapons into a meeting in Northern Ireland, trying to kill everyone.  Over time, many people have tried to stop the violence, but failed. 

So our critical question is should everyone stand up to this violence, or is it just impossible to change?

Here’s what we think:

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Spongebob and Squarepants

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2 Responses to Troubled…

  1. Froggy's are a girls best friend says:

    I think No one by themselves should stand up but they should form a big group and protest together. If the group is strong enough and convincing then maybe the people will all agree to stop fighting.
    Im really enjoying the blurb keep up the good work!!

  2. Catwoman says:

    Good question I really dont know if I would stand up or not. It is hard for me because I would stand up because this violance is not neccary and then I would not because there is a large chance that you could get betten up by both sides. So I really dont know about this one.

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