No H2O….

W000474 In the past, many Nigerians have suffered from property loss and severe drought.  The fine sands of the Sahara literally buried many houses and roads each year.

So our critical question is should people in the United States be more careful about how we use our water?  Should we worry about preserving our water resources or do we have plenty to last us forever?  Are swimming pools and beautifully watered lawns a need or a want?

Here’s what we think:

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Anonymous Bob and The Littlest Elf

Image retrieved from on January 30, 2007


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One Response to No H2O….

  1. 15cent says:

    Well I know that every person wouldn’t love to have a swimming pool in their back yard. But think about it, if it’s between people dying and having an awsome pool needless to say I think a life is more important.

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