USA to Blame?


Earlier this month, George Bush made a speech saying that he wanted the USA to reduce petrol usage by 20% in the next 10 years and to replace that 20% with biodiesel.  He also wanted us to spend more money on alternative fuels. 

In a recent podcast done here on the Blurb by He with No Name on His Paper and Friend, they discuss the fact that we should be energy independent.  Our critical question today is should we feel guilty about American pollution?  Is it the USA’s fault that the world is polluted?  We did invent the two biggest pollution outputs ever, but no one had to copy us. 

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_36_trash_talk.mp3

Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon here on The Blurb.


Warlord and Papa Shango

PS…Can you figure out how Kermit the Frog is connected to this current event?

(Image retrieved from on February 1, 2007)


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3 Responses to USA to Blame?

  1. Robin O says:

    Great question Papa and Warlord. I don’t think that the US is totally to blame. The world must come together and everyone do their part to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Kermit lives in a swamp (when not in Hollywood) and the wetlands are being destroyed by excess carbons in the air (greenhouse effect) therefore, some of his relatives will soon become extinct.

  2. Very interesting podcast, particularly in light of the newly released UN report that indicates that PEOPLE are responsible for 90% of the global warming. How does that fact impact your thinking on pollution?
    An interested friend from Alabama

  3. Skip Rope says:

    Good stuff guys.
    At least Bush is trying to address one important issue before we all bid him adieu.
    I do not believe that the US should feel guilty for pollution. I am pleased that it is being addressed in the White House and our Senate and Congress buildings. Hopefully our elected officials recognize the immediate need to make a correction in current policy.
    This correction will make the world an enjoyable place to live in the future.
    No, I do not feel it is the USA’s fault the world is polluted; we are one of many industrialized nations. We have recognized the problems associated with petroleum and will hopefully begin working on alternative fuels to be used worldwide.
    I believe Kermit is related to this story because both Kermit and George Bush had the same SAT scores in high school.

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