Once Bitten….

SharkRecently, a man named Eric Nerhus was attacked by a shark while on a diving trip with his friends.  He escaped by hitting the shark on the head with a fishing tool.  Although he escaped, he is in serious condition. 

This is a common problem in Australian water, but it can be stopped or slowed if people were not allowed to swim in dangerous locations.  The critical question should we continue diving expeditions, limit the area to dive, or ban diving completely?

Here’s what we think:

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So what do you think?  Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon on The Blurb.


The Ultimate Warrior and Caripatato

(Image retrieved from http://www.activision.com/content/image/Image_d1c3344a-849a-4dcc-b461-9749ff743cda.png on February 2, 2007)


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2 Responses to Once Bitten….

  1. Skip Rope says:

    You ask if it is risky or rewarding and you ask if it is the sharks fault.
    I think that the answer to the first question is up to the individual. I could sprain my ankle on a hike, break my leg while snowboarding, slip in the tub while showering….however, I still plan on walking, enjoying winter, and showering.
    The risk I take while climbing a small mountain, boarding down a beautiful ski run, and using a shower is well worth the reward.
    Risk is involved in every activity we do; I believe it is an individuals choice as to how much risk he/she is willing to take.
    Eric Nerhus obviously felt that the reward for swimming in these waters was worth the risk.
    Sharks fault? No. Swimming in waters that is inhabited by sharks was a risk that was taken by this diver.
    “This is a common problem in Australian water…”
    I would suggest investing in a pool if I am Australian.
    Once Bitten…Twice Shy.
    Great White. Excellet ’80’s hairband reference.

  2. R2-D2 says:

    If this is a recurring problem, then I would try to maybe make the sharks leave that area of the ocean. If you can’t do that, then I would tell the other swimmers to find another place to dive that is’nt massly populated by sharks! If that did’nt work, then I would just completely ban swimmming in that area until the Austrailian government can find a way to get the sharks out of there, if possible.

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