The Interviews…Round 1

Wrestling As many of our listeners know, The Blurb has been invited to represent our county and our school at an upcoming Legislative School Technology Day being held at our state’s General Assembly.  We’ll be bringing along two of our Associate Editors, Melvin the Chicken Hunter and The Hamster, who will be working to interview guests about their experiences with technology as sixth graders. 

To prepare for LTSD, we decided to have an "Interview Smackdown," so to speak.  Both Melvin and The Hamster sat down with me—Bam Bam Bigelow–today to do a practice interview.  We’re hoping that you’ll serve as the referee, choosing which interviewer has the most "skillz." 

Listen to both interviews below and then leave us a comment with the name of the editor that you think wins this interview matchup:

Hamster_01 The Hamster’s Interview:

Download blurbcast_39_interview_1_hamster.mp3

Chicken_hunter The Chicken Hunter’s Interview:

Download blurbcast_38_interview_1_melvin.mp3

(Image retrieved from on February 2, 2007)


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5 Responses to The Interviews…Round 1

  1. Doo-Doo the Dung_Bomb says:

    The Hamster rules the waves!

  2. Jam Jam Bigelow says:

    Bam Bam’s brother here.
    Difficult decision to pick the best interviewer as both had great delivery with their questions. I was most impressed when Bam Bam would send a clarifying question back to both Chicken and Hamster. Both interviewers were able to quickly clarify what they intended by the question and the interview moved on.
    Good work. I would suggest a coin toss on this one; or maybe some type of hybrid interview could work- sort of like a Regis and Kelly sort of thing.
    Bam Bam is telling the truth about his recollection from 6th grade.
    Encyclopaedia Brittanica was the research tool of the day. Not many families had these and I remember our friends coming over to borrow these to help begin their research prior to heading to the library for further research.
    No such thing as Google and Yahoo back then.
    One clarification in his interview with Hamster.
    Dad Dad Bigelow was very aware from the beginning that computers were going to be the future. When they first became available in the home we always had a computer in our living room; starting with the Texas Instruments 99, then the TI 99 4A with the Dot Matrix printers. Next was an Apple and Apple IIe, I think we had a Macintosh for a while, and then Windows based products.
    They were not the computers that we are using today but it brings back some memories typing in our own game programs on a Sunday afternoon.
    Mr. Nowaks Rt eye was glass.
    Brian B is now a successful Paramedic for a well known emergency service team.
    The librarian has been dead for some time now…

  3. Sir Fat Mack Big Snout Sour Crout Boger Of Sugar says:

    The Hamster was calm and more relaxed then the chicken Hunter And More “Natural”
    Hamster gets my vote!!!

  4. spongebob says:


  5. Boom Boom Baby says:

    Melvin: He had good interesting questions that made the listener want to hear more. He made Bam Bam tell pretty interesting things about himself when he was a child. One thing he needed to improve on I thought was he went a little fast and was a little hard to understand at times.Great Job!!!
    Hamster: I thought he was very calm and made the conversation run smoothly. Was very easy to listen to and had good questions. He didn’t talk to fast or to slow but I thought he talked a little quietly where it was hard to hear him.
    My vote has got to be Melvin The Chicken Hunter!!!!
    Great job both of you.

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