What Makes a Great Teacher?

A_teacherRecently on The Blurb we received a feedback comment from a teacher named Mr. Hodgson in Massachusetts who said, "I also had a very dynamic sixth grade teacher–Mr. Dudak–who jumped around the room and did all sorts of strange antics to keep us engaged and involved in our learning."

Don’t we all have favorite teachers?  I know that mine was my 3rd Grade teacher.  She would always give us fun assignments and let us play interactive games.  She was mainly great at explaining things (especially to me) and I ended up getting great grades that year. 

So our critical question is what makes an outstanding teacher?  Is it the smiles and candy corn that they give out or the back handsprings and experiments that they do in class?

Leave us a comment about your favorite teacher and join us again soon here on The Blurb.


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3 Responses to What Makes a Great Teacher?

  1. Bball King says:

    I think what makes a great teacher is the things he/she does to keep the students learning. There could be a teacher who does all these fun and cool things, but has nothing to do with what they’re doing. Even though the teacher is nice, funny, and exciting, it’s pretty much useless if he/she can’t teach you anything. Then there might be a teacher who is so mean, boring, and gives you projects everyday. But what if that teacher made you a straight A student. Then you can go to a great college and have a good life. You probably not remember the teacher after a couple of years, but at least he/she made you smarter.
    Now I think every teacher should at least do something fun things every now and then as long as they teach you. I also think that teachers should give smiles and candycorns a few times, not every time a students gets a question right. So I think that the ability to do exciting things and keep the students learning is what makes an outstanding teacher.

  2. Pooh Bear says:

    My favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher. His name was Mr.Resiegne. He gave us hard but mind stretching work to do. The work was sometimes stuff that wasn’t exactly our age level, but it really made us think and stretch our knowledge. He really made us realize what the real world was and it wasn’t just happy faces. He really prepared me for what was in store for me in middle school. I am way better off in school because I had Mr. Resiegne as a teacher.
    Pooh Bear
    P.S. Mr. Resiegne, if your reading this, please reply!

  3. john reseigne says:

    Thanks for the kind words from a former student. Comments such as that are really why we all teach. To make a difference in a child’s life is what I strive for every day. I remember my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Summers, because he threw erasers at us when we should be listening. But I remember my 7th grade English teacher because she challanged me to work harder than I did and gave us work that made us think. John Reseigne

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