LTSD Interviews: Senator Malone and Representative Tolson

Cpclegbuilding2To start off our series of interviews with State Legislators, we figured we’d go to two gentlemen that deserve a lot of credit for helping to make sure that schools in our state have the kind of technology that students need to be successful:  Senator Vernon Malone and Representative Joe Tolson.  Together, these men proposed a new bill today advocating for more spending on classroom technology to ensure that every child is ready for meeting the challenges of living and working in the future.

Senator Malone has served three terms in the Senate.  He has been the primary sponsor of 5 bills in this year’s legislative session, including Senate Bill 135:  Funds for the School Connectivity Initiate filed today!  He serves on several committees in the legislature, including the Education/Public Instruction committee and the Ways and Means committee. 

Senator Malone told us tons of interesting things about technology when he was in sixth grade, but what we liked the best was the fact that there was only one phone in the whole school—and it was in the Principal’s office!  He also said that if you forgot your homework, you were just plain out of luck!

Listen to our interview with Senator Malone here:

Download senator_vernon_malone.mp3

Representative Tolson has served six years in the House.  He has been the primary sponsor of 8 bills in this year’s legislative session, including the House version of the School Connectivity Initiative, H 174.  Representative Tolson also serves on several important committees including agriculture, education and appropriations. 

In our interview, we learned that Representative Tolson was in sixth grade in 1948.  To research, he looked through magazines or went to the library.  He also told us that he never used the computer when he was in school! 

(Can you imagine life with no computer?)

Listen to our interview with Representative Tolson here:

Download ltsd_representative_joe_tolson.mp3

And be sure to thank them both for supporting technology in schools!

Keep visiting The Blurb and Our Opus in the upcoming days.  When Melvin the Chicken Hunter, The Hamster and Elvis get back to school, they’ll be busy polishing and posting the rest of our interviews.  They’ll use a similar format as this one, so you’re bound to learn a lot about some interesting people, that’s for sure.


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