Where do Sixth Graders Belong?

070126_wr_1On a neighboring blog–Our Opus–they were talking about a current debate about where sixth graders belong.  Some people think that they belong in traditional middle schools (6-8) while others believe they belong in K-8 schools. 

They said, "K-8 schools will make younger kids feel more secure and safe."

While this may be true, not every kindergarten may like the idea of starting in a huge school with kids as old as eighth grade.  Also, it may feel a bit intimidating to be in such a big school when you’re at an elementary school age.  I know that I would be scared to be so small with huge kids around.  I think it may even make me not want to go to school. 

It’s scary for little kids, but is it fair for the older kids?  I know a lot of kids look forward to going to middle and high schools because they can escape younger kids and get older treatment and achievements.  Would it be fair to take this away?

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4 Responses to Where do Sixth Graders Belong?

  1. Cookie Monster says:

    I prefer 6-8 because I think if I were a kindergartener and I saw an 8th grader I would freak out. Because even in sixth grade 8th graders seem like giants so imagine seeing them in kindergarten. P.S Our Opus rocks!

  2. ginger snap peas says:

    I think that 6-8 is way better. When your in a K-8 school you learn how to be nice and kind because your around younger children. Once you get into High School that isent good because High School kids can be cruel and if your all nice and caring you will have no idea what to do. Also when you graduate elementary school and go to Middle you can meet new people but when your in K-8 you really cant socialize whith new and diffrent people!!

  3. Skip Rope says:

    I think we should skip the 6th grade… does anyone really remember what we learned anyway?
    Why not get a job for one year…maybe at a fast food restaurant, mine, waste management etc… then the student might apply themselves G 7-12 and get motivated to do well? maybe college.
    —This post was not meant to offend Miners, fast food employees or waste management employees. I used these professions as how hard that these people work; the difficult conditions they work in; and in some cases the low pay they receive for the amount of work involved.

  4. Not Available says:

    6th graders should go to a middle school. it is a tradition.

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