Americans to Idol?

070130_americanidol_hmed_9p_hmedium We’re looking at a well known event here in America—The TV show American Idol.  If you’re not familiar with the show, here’s a brief summary:  In the tryouts, tens of thousands of people from all over the US come to sing in front of three judges.  The judges then decide if they are skilled enough to go compete in Hollywood.  However, these judges often ridicule the contestants who are bad singers.

So we’re wondering if it is alright for the American Idol judges to be cruel to contestants who really can’t sing.  Should we feel bad about laughing when people do poorly?

Here’s what we think:

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So what do you think?  Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon here on The Blurb!


Doink the Clown and Bam Bam Bigelow

(Image retrieved from on February 20, 2007)


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6 Responses to Americans to Idol?

  1. Dead Chicken says:

    Personally i think that it is all right for them to critisise the contestants. I mean with out the judges being mean the show American Idol would be no fun to watch.

  2. Cookie Monster says:

    I think the udges shoul criticise the bad people because the bad people will still think ther good and go offf singing and that would be bad. Also American Idol is no fun if they don’t show the bad people be criticised by Simon.
    P.S. Our Opus Rocks!!!!

  3. Skip Rope says:

    Imagine having to listen to tens of thousands of people only to pick out a small number to move to the next round.
    Many of these people are trying to be the next William Hung of Season 1.
    I believe thousands of hours are edited down to what the American Idol producers feel will make good television. Good television to this show is television that will engage the viewers watching so that the network can keep commericial prices at a premium. Watching the judges say No… Try again would be ridiculiously boring. Channel surfing does not sell product and companies are willing to pay high $$$ to have an audience as big as the American Idol viewers as potential customers.
    Doink makes a great point that in it’s 6th season many of these people know what they are getting themselves into.
    One exception to their cruelty is when they attack an individuals looks or when they seem to verbally attack individuals who appear to have mental challenges.
    When screened the judges should be made aware that a contestant may not be mentally ready for what gets said.

  4. Caripatato says:

    i think it is rather OK for the judges to express there own opinions. all though i do not think it is ok to go beyond mean (simon)!!!! i also think that simon beiging mean is ok only when its true at least he is being honest!

  5. King Big Papi II says:

    i feel that the judges should not make fun of the contestants. even if they are bad at singing, that doensn’t mean they’re bad at life. how would you like to be made fun of on LIVE TELEVISION! i would not want to. put tape over simon’s mouth, he is the meanest of them all!

  6. Darth Maul says:

    I think that when people sign up for American Idol they should be told that the judges might laugh at them or make fun of them. Then if they want to back out so they don’t get made fun of, they can.

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