American Idol Pushback…

490_americanidolcaricature_jp We recently made a post on The Blurb that has been drawing lots of attention about American Idol.  One comment from Skip Rope said, "Good television to this show is television that will engage the viewers watching so that the network can keep commericial prices at a premium. Watching the judges say No… Try again would be ridiculiously boring."

I can see two sides to this story.  One side is that if the judges were nice about criticizing contestants, then no one would watch American Idol because, "it would be ridiculously boring."  Also, it is just very entertaining to see people struggling.  But the other side of the story is that we make our country look like bullies because we are laughing at people getting insulted. 

So my solution:  Still be harsh, but not as harsh.

What do you think?  Should the American Idol judges be "nicer" to the contestants, or would that just make the show boring?

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2 Responses to American Idol Pushback…

  1. peoples says:

    Yeah, it would be boring to watch if the judges were nice… but is that a bad thing? What does that that say about us?
    People find other people’s failure and humiliation funny(and some people even have T-shirts that advertise it!!!).I think it’s scary that people have to be so mean just to get people to watch their show and people wouldn’t watch if they weren’t mean.
    And what about you. You’re sitting on the couch, watching American Idol and laughing, while you talk about how the judges are so mean. Aren’t you the mean one? They’re mean to make money because they wouldn’t make as much money with a nice show with fewer viewers. That means that you’re the reason they’re mean…actually, we all are, but can we help that we like what we like?

  2. Skip Rope says:

    This was omitted in the pushback from my previous post…
    “I believe thousands of hours are edited down to what the American Idol producers feel will make good television.”
    I do not believe the judges were mean to all of the contestants; we were only shown the worst of the worst.
    I laugh on America’s Funniest Videos when someone is hit in the midsection by an errant pinata striker; I laugh when someone is on a rope swing and they miss the water by 3 feet… I don’t think I’m bad for this…it’s just funny.
    Videos of frogs jumping and butterflies flying would be…
    “ridiculiously boring”.

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