Strel the Slovenian Hero?

200pxstrel_martinThere is a middle aged man named Martin Strel who is trying to swim the Amazon River.  He started a few weeks ago because he was searching for a challenge.  He has already swam the Danube, Yangtze and Mississippi Rivers.  There are dangers, and he knows.

What we’re wondering is is it a good idea to swim such a large river just for fun, or is it too dangerous.  Should it be banned forever?  Are people like Strel and Eric Nerhaus, who was recently bit by a shark while deep sea diving bad role models for kids because of their dangerous adventures or good role models because they are courageous?

Here’s what we think:

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What do you think?  Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon here on The Blurb.


Melvin the Chicken Hunter and T-Dogg

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4 Responses to Strel the Slovenian Hero?

  1. Skip Rope says:

    Hey Blurbers,
    Unfortunately I disagrree with both of you. You both mentuon he is doing it for fame and fun and that he is an attention getter.
    Thee actually is a purpose for his swim and that is to bring recognition to these waters.
    This guy needs to get a job.
    Another one of those ” send me money so I can save the rainforest” guys.
    Him and his buddies are swimming through currents, animals, etc.. at the end of all of this lets see how much of the rain forest is saved.
    I am guessing that he will make it through the animals; however, I would be more nervous about all of the boat traffic on the water. He might find himself hacked up like a manatee…hey, maybe I just identified his next hairbrained idea.

  2. peoples says:

    I had a pretty interesting conversaton about this podcast with Persons. It went something ike this:
    Persons:it’s stupid! I admire people who take risks for good reasons, but this guy isn’t gaining anything!
    Peoples: Are you sure he’s not gaining anything? I mean, he’s definitly getting attention, which everyone thinks is a bad thing, but is it so bad to want to be known. If you really want him not to get attention, you better exit out of this blog now. Plus, he loves to swim. He likes to face dangers and take risks. If you want to critisize him for this, okay, but never do anything that you like again if it involves some risk.
    Persons: first of all, it’s not some little risk… IT’S HIS LIFE!!!
    And if he’s going to risk his life, shouldn’t he do something that helps the whole world, not just himself?
    Here comes the confusing part…
    Peoples: the whole world is just a bunch of individual people. If every single person did something that made them happy, that would be like helping the world…wouldn’t it?
    If everyone helps themself, no one needs to help them.
    Persons: But some people wo are poor can’t help themselves.
    Peoples: But this guy can…so shouldn’t he. This doesn’t mean he’s never helping anyone else, just that he’s helping himself.
    So do I think he’s crazy. Yes, but that’s not always a bad thing. The world needs some crazy people. Swimming the Amazon doesn’t make his guy a hero, but it means he could be. I think all heros are crazy because of all the dangers they put themself into… and I mean crazy in a good way.
    Sorry for such a long comment I just had alot to say.

  3. common sense says:

    I love the comment that people should be able to do whatever they want to do, because it is “their life”. Suppose your parents decided that they were tired of raising you and wanted to ditch you and move to Tahiti because “it’s their life, and they should be able to do what they want to do”? Everyone has responsibilities to the people in their lives. We do not live our lives to our own glory. I’m ok with the guy who wants to swim the Amazon, as soon as he signs a waiver absolving anyone to have to “save” him from any trouble he gets himself into. Don’t put anyone else’s life in danger. (same reasoning for the climbers of Mt Hood in Oregon who climb to challenge themselves, but then expect someone to put their own life at risk to rescue them when they hit trouble.)

  4. Catwoman says:

    I really dont know iam on both sides of the story. I think that he should because I think that every once in a while that you should have some thrill. And I also think that he shouldent because it is very dangerous to do I agree that he is probally trying to get attention. Keep up the great work!!

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