Pushing Back the Idol Pushback…

American_idol_800x600 Hi, Anonymous Bob Here With More Push Back to Yet Another Push Back:

As I was browsing the American Idol Pushback post, a statement one reader, Skip Rope, said really caught my attention.  They wrote:

"… I laugh when someone is on a rope swing and they miss the water by 3 feet… don’t think I’m bad for this…it’s just funny."

One interesting trait I find really common in humans is that they always seem to find enjoyment in another person’s flaws and mistakes. Not many people find any pity for them what so ever…They just find it funny and as a source of entertainment.  Shows like American Idol and America’s Funniest Home videos are just more proof.

Here’s my Question:

Doesn’t it make you feel guilty that REAL, LIVING, people, LIKE YOU suffer physically and mentally merely TO AMUSE YOU?  Put yourself in their shoes. In reality, being embarrassed does still hurt no matter if you are on TV or not.


Think not only about how crushed that person is feeling at that moment, but about their future. That person’s confidence was just ruined. They were just publicly humiliated and to make matters even worse, it might even go on T.V.  Their life could seriously be ruined. If singing really was somebody’s passion and they were humiliated and criticized, who knows the impact this may have. They could even go to the extremes and start a life of crime or worse.

It really takes courage to sing in front of what could be all of America…and probably the hardest judges they’ve ever met.

I think not only should the judges be more thoughtful on their commenting, but we as viewers should take in to consideration how hard it is to be where those people are.

Otherwise, we can consider ourselves the cruelest society of people.


Anonymous Bob

Image retrieved from http://www.fox17.com/home/downloads/wallpaper/american_idol_800x600.jpg on February 25, 2007


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3 Responses to Pushing Back the Idol Pushback…

  1. Anonymous Bob says:

    Pushing Back to my own Pushback:
    Anonymous Bob here now attempting,for the first time in Blurb history, pushing back to my own push back.
    Anonoymous Bob said:
    “…They just find it funny and as a source of entertainment.Shows like American Idol and America’s Funniest Home videos are just more proof.”
    …And you know what Bob you’re right! I agree with you those shows do highlight people’s mistakes and we laugh. But don’t you think those people know what they’re getting in to. I mean before auditioning for American Idol contestants go through a series of waivers that they sign in pen to ensure that they are aware that their audition could go on t.v. Plus shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos are personal videos people send in themselves. So don’t you think people know what they’re getting into?
    ~A. BOB

  2. Skip Rope says:

    Hello A-Bob,
    I enjoyed your Push back to push back…Your comments were similar to what Doink mentions in his Blurbcast—basically that these people know what they are getting themselves into.
    To respond to your Initial pushback…
    No, I do not feel guilty that these people suffer physically and mentally to amuse me…
    THEY REGISTED AND COMPETED IN A MUSICAL CONTEST where the judges have been consistently harsh since the shows inception.
    I can laugh at myself and I feel it is healthy to do so. After a crash under a crowded chairlift as I am speeding down a Black diamond ski run…I laugh at myself (usually after checking that all of my extremities are moving). If I had a camera I would share it. I don’t take off my board and go home. I get up, head back up the hill, and go down the same run to prove to myself that I can do it.
    An individuals confidence is only ruined when they do not believe in themselves.
    If my impression of myself was the guy on the lift who was laughing hysterically at my misfortune I would not be successfully at anything.
    I agree with you that singing in front of these judges and this audience is the hardest thing that they may do; however, if the American Idol thing doesn’t work out there are plenty of local theatres, church groups and studios looking for individulas who enjoying singing and acting.
    I don’t believe our society is cruel for laughing…it’s just funny.

  3. Anonymous Bob says:

    Back Again…
    (A.K.A Even More Push back to Yet Another Push back)
    Back Again! After another response to my recent push back, I see that Skip Rope and I are still at a dispute over whether American Idol Judges are too harsh.
    Skip Rope had said:
    “…Where the judges have been consistently harsh since the shows inception.
    I can laugh at myself and I feel it is healthy to do so.”
    Well Skip Rope, even though you don’t feel hurt when you mess up don’t you think some other people do? Remember not every person has the same feelings. In addition, if the judges had a reputation of being harsh and they knew they needed viewers on their show, is it possible they are just getting crueler and crueler as the show progresses? The judges reportedly make over $30 million dollars! Is that fair either?
    Another thought is, are the judge’s comments constructive criticism or is it just plain cruel? I understand that constructive criticism is for your benefit to make you better at something. However, does the judges’ commenting purposely upset you and make you cry, then in turn make their HUGE paychecks?
    Still need more evidence?
    Many viewers are saying that the judges are mean towards the contestants. Here’s a thought given by an expert on bullying.
    Rachel Simmons, author of “Odd Girl Out” and an expert on bullying, called the experience “social cruelty.”
    “What you’re seeing here is social cruelty being woven into the fabric of the ‘American Idol’ experience,” Simmons said.
    So if an expert on bullying says the show is “social cruelty” don’t you think it might possibly be too cruel? Can we consider the judges as big mean bullies?
    Plus the American Idol contestants are usually young. Some of them could even be considered kids. Is it right to throw such cruel thoughts at them, remember they’re just kids!
    “”Useless at everything. Even the juggling was pathetic,” Remarked Judge Simon Cowell.
    Is this constructive criticism or just plain hurtful? Have the judges gone too hard on the contestants? Is this the only way to be entertained?

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