Learning about Black History…

Homepageimage Recently, I had an amazing time interviewing Daisy the Great.  Daisy was a kid like you once, only she had a whole other life.  Daisy lived in a small developing country in Africa called Malawi.  They had to work hard and farm.

I got to talk to her about Black History Month.  One of the interesting things that she told me was that she wasn’t sure if it is right to have just a Black History Month even though it was a great way to honor the pioneers who gave everyone equal rights for their children.

Want to learn more?

Listen to the whole interview here:

Download blurbcast_56_learning_about_black_history.mp3

So what do you think about Black History Month?  Is this something you’d like to learn more about?  Why or Why not?  Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon on The Blurb.


Dusty "Rusty" Rhodes

Image retrieved from http://www.black-history.co.uk/images/homepageimage.jpg on February 26, 2007


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One Response to Learning about Black History…

  1. Catwoman says:

    I think that Black History Month is very important it selabrtaes the history of the time during the troubels with people thinking that one race is better then theirs. And thats why we have this month to selabrate that. And that is all that matters. Oh and great question when you asked is it fair for there just tp be a black history month. Thats a great question it really got me thinking.

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