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We’re On Spring Break!

So we’ve got bad news and really bad news for you today.  The bad news:  The Blurb may be a bit sparse over the next few days because we’re on Spring Break here at cyber-middle school.  We’ve got a few … Continue reading

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Trouble in Russian Mines….

In Russia, there has been many coal miners—like reporters—dying because of badly built mines that were made 40 years ago.  Russian leader Vladimir Putin doesn’t want to fix them because it will take too much time and money.  This has … Continue reading

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World’s Most Dangerous Job: Russian Reporter!

In an admittedly desperate attempt to get a Russian visit, Our spotlight falls on Russia’s reporters this week.  Right now in Russia, reporters are biting the dust left and right in some serious trouble.  In fact, Russia has been declared … Continue reading

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Looking into Faces…

One of the things I’m not sure my students totally understand is that The Blurb has gotten visitors from nations around the world, and that the people living in those nations live lives that are much different from our own.  … Continue reading

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Living Under Mao…

Imagine walking the span of two blocks to fetch pails of water for….well, everything!  That was the life of a guest who came on the show recently.  Mr. Anonymous Fred lived in China under the rule of Communist Dictator Mao … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe’s Troubles….

Over the last few weeks, crazy things have been happening in the African nation of Zimbabwe, where the president, Robert Mugabe, has been acting more and more like a dictator.  Opponents who have been speaking up have been beaten and … Continue reading

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Hero Recalls…

As I read over the dictionary definition used in your More on Heroes post: "A man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities" I’d like to say… I beg to differ! Does a hero … Continue reading

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