A Royal Pain: Prince Harry to Iraq

W022225a On our sister blog ,Our Opus, they had talked about an intresting current event about Prince Harry,third heir to the U.K throne, possibly going to war. While the prince’s family and his country are discouraging this idea, Prince Harry insisted that he must go to war.

We think that it’s ok for Prince Harry to go to war because if we wanted to fight, they wouldn’t try to stop us. Plus, he isn’t officially going to be the future king. There are several people ahead of him. The chances of him actually becoming king are slim.

Is it fair that the prince, or any famous person gets more attention and concern than we, regular people do? Don’t we deserve some of that attention and concern? Just because we’re not famous, do we have less value? Why is his life worth more than the thousands of people who are currently dying in Iraq?


Anonymous Bob and Raggedy Doll


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One Response to A Royal Pain: Prince Harry to Iraq

  1. Darth Maul says:

    I think that the Blurbers are right. Why is Prince Harry more important than us regular people? Why is one person judged higher than us just by the blood that runs through his veins? What is so special about a guy who probably even isn’t going to be king anyways?!

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