Are we Ignoring Global Warming?

_42568505_climate_mccain203Recently, the United States signed an international agreement to cut down on pollution.  We were asked to reduce carbon emissions by a set limit.  This matches what the European Union has been doing lately to cut back on carbon emissions.

At this point, it seems as though the US has ignored all of the world’s pleas for help with reducing global pollution.  It would certainly make sense to just sign the agreement to keep the rest of the world quiet before communication and trade ended. 

Sometimes we seem like a nation who enjoys to feel good about ourselves, so whenever a war breaks out or when our own planet is dying around us, it is dismissed as unimportant.  We watch our news stations sitting home on our soft couches thinking, "I’m glad that’s not me."  We’re so pampered that if we want to have something, we have it.  We are not used to being pushed around or told what to do since we are a world super power. 

We’re also like a constantly growing black hole, so when something jeopardizes our economy like cutting back on carbon, secretly we agree but we never act.  We are afraid to admit our problems because we don’t want anyone to question whether or not we are a super power. 

Sometimes it just seems like we are a short tempered, spoiled and greedy country who doesn’t mind playing rough to be the absolute best.  Passing off our responsibility for global warming is something we can’t ignore.  Instead, we should act swiftly.


The Godfather

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One Response to Are we Ignoring Global Warming?

  1. R4-P17 says:

    I think that people shouldn’t even be worrying about “global warming.” Everyone is saying “the polar ice caps are melting!” The truth is, they have actually gotten bigger! Why bother doing anything if it’s just a theory?! Why don’t we just make everything back to the way it was in the Stone Age?!

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