The Rappers’ Smackdown…

20070104t194128z_01_nootr_rtridsp_2_oukeWe’re not sure exactly what happened here today at Blurb Central, but it certainly was interesting.  Typically we spend our lunch period reviewing current events looking for something that is happening in Europe or South America worth podcasting about. 

Today’s lunch period got off on the wrong foot when Chief Student Editor The Hamster walked up to Blurb Founder Bam Bam Bigelow and said, "Hey Chump, you ain’t got no street in you.  I can out freestyle rap you any day of any week."

Considering that The Hamster is about the single most non-thug podcast editor on earth–and that he was drinking low fat milk, peeling an orange and eating a peanut butter sandwich with the crusts cut off–Bam Bam was relatively confident that he could win this Rappers’ Smackdown.  "Stick to Christmas Presents, Johnny Wrapper!" Bam Bam responded. 

That led to another Blurb First:  A Freestyle Rapping contest that would have made Busta Rhymes cringe…..complete with Spanish lyrics and Dr. Seuss.  Check it out here:

Download blurbcast_62_rapping_smackdown.mp3

Leave us a comment about who you think the victor is and join us again soon here on The Blurb!


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31 Responses to The Rappers’ Smackdown…

  1. Skip Rope says:

    BOO YAA,
    That was was way phat.
    Here I am chillin in my crib.. got my radar on…when I hears the Blurb peeps Fo Thizzilin on the Rapizzle.
    Gotta shout out for DJ Cash Money…he had me bustin’. First time I heard this cat and this thug is way phat.
    Hamizzle…Whoa, Insert Tape 3.
    I appreciate the effert but I heard 2 words; tomorrow n small. You be livin’ La Vida Loca.
    Bam gots some tight rhymes and I be diggin his peeps throwin in some crazee background riffs.
    So if you want my vote…
    I’m on the track with the Bam Bambizzle.
    Skip out.
    —this was a nice break guys! Often you take on some very challenging topics and bring up very interesting points on both sides of an issue.
    All of you did a great job and had me laughing histerically this evening.

  2. Shiz says:

    I agree with Skip Rope totally man!
    Skip Rope said:
    I heard 2 words; tomorrow ‘n’ small. You be livin’ La Vida Loca.
    I, however caught only one word. Tomorrow.
    That’s when you will be better than Bam Bam.
    Dr. Seuss was always one of my favorite authors. In kindergarten my teacher was obsessed with him. (Green Eggs and Ham was one of her favorites as well as mine.)
    Maybe later the Hamster should try in an understandable language like Russian, Finnish, or German.
    P.S. Next time try a country music song.

  3. The Kazmainian Devil and Elmo says:

    Hey yo home skillett… my main man hamsta and bam bam bizzle fo shizzle was pretty tight. i dunno who i should pick i love mexican rapping but dr. suess an i are pretty dang tight! i had a tough disiscion with eeny-meeny-miny-mo… but im gonna have to go with bam bamizzle fo shizzle!
    my favorite rap song by dr. seuss is…
    hey yo the cat was fat!
    and he was wearin dat hat!
    it was big and red!
    on da top of his head!
    peace out my home slice!!!
    the kazmainian devil&&elmo!

  4. Berti Bott Every Flavor Bean says:

    Yo, I Have to disagree with Skip Rope. The Ham has got some sick beats. That was a very good show-down. Bam Bam, I am very sorry to tell you that your wrap was not a rap. It was a book in rap form but was not a rap. You could do beter than that, I know you could. I mean that you could at least a rap not a book. It was kind of scary to hear that. The Ham got the vote for me. Sorry Bam Bam! Not!
    Berti Bott Every Flavor Bean

  5. mini-me says:

    Bam Bam definitely did better than the hamster. Bam Bam gets my vote. He should do some more docter seuss raps. They are funny. If the hamster did a translation of his rap in english, then he might have had a chance. Also bertie botts every flavored beans, it doesnt matter that Bam Bam rapped out of a book. Its still a rap.
    Anyway, good job Bam Bam.

  6. Sir Fat Mack Big Snout Sour Crout Boger Of Sugar says:

    Hamster down diggity dog
    he rules man!
    New Mexico

  7. Happy feet says:

    Hamster rocks bam bam did not even rap what the heck was he attempting to do?

  8. minnie mouse's mom says:

    Yo, blurb-peeps.
    I may be old, or so they say,
    But I could rap, back in my day,
    If it were up to me, I’d give first place
    To da Hamsta’ rappa, Seuss was a disgrace. (well, not a disgrace really, but it rhymed).
    Yo yo, from Minnie Mouse’s Mama

  9. Happy feets brother says:

    Seuss’s sissy beats Hamster all the way

  10. Pooh Bear says:

    I think Ham has got skills! I’d like to see Bam Bam try and rap in Spanish! Anyone can rap Dr. Suess, but it takes someone with skills to rap in Spanish! Bam Bam, I have to give this one to Ham! I don’t think anyone could out-rap Ham! He has got some mad skills! So Bam Bam, it’s YOU who should stick to the wrapping! Peace Out!
    -Pooh Bear

  11. lil john says:

    man that was off the hook got to do that more often
    the real rapper is the bam bam
    for shizzle

  12. Darth Maul says:

    I haven’t listened to this podcast yet, but my brother told me it is really weird!

  13. Spanish Lover says:

    Qué arriba mi hommies la nota publicitaria.
    Lo siento Bam Bam pero el golpear español estuvo apagado el heazzy. De modo que voy con chico de Hampter.
    Adore la Nota publicitaria de ya Amante español

  14. Caripatato says:

    sup homies, its da CARAPATATO i am just chillin and sizlin but my vote goes to the DJ cash money DANG the anounsers got skill!! catch up wit u later skitlets
    Carapatato OUT

  15. Caripatato says:

    this is what spanidh lover said in spanish
    What up my hommies the advertising note.
    I feel him Bam Bam but the to strike Spaniard was dull the heazzy. So that I go with boy of Hampter.
    Worship the advertising Note of already Spanish Lover

  16. Caripatato says:

    Sup homies, den ich sehe, wenn irgendjemand lösen kann, was ich BAM BAM DEN GANZEN WEG sage

  17. bobs brother dude guy says:

    Yo man that was pretty sick. I mean da hamsta laid down some pretty nice lyrics.
    However Bam Bam had the crowd pumped up they were lovin him.
    But Da hamstas lyrics were so foriegn they couldn’t possibly be in da hiz house.
    I know it is about the hamsta and bam bam but I gotta give some props to dj cash money. He was the da bomb overall. As for the rappers i think it goes to DA HAMSTA bam bams lyrics were going with the flow of the street.
    Keep it up

  18. Nothsa0 says:

    Was up ma peeps allrigt so the hamsta got some beat in spanis but he told me that it sounded dumb in english. so it sounds kool in español but stinks in english wat kind of rap is that. but bam bambizzle he got some skitlets he went and changed Dr seuss into rap.
    Word brother

  19. اشتون says:

    its arabic try and read it.
    ب ام بام بجلو جميع فرياكين الطريق

  20. R4-P17 says:

    That is a strange blurbcast…. I liked the Hamster’s rap best, though.

  21. DA man man says:

    Dat waz som serious wak beats. The Bam Bizzle was good fo shizzle, but da hamsta is the cooliest. I loved dat spanish rapizzle fo sho.
    Peace out Blurbizle.
    DA man man

  22. Swedes got skillzz says:

    This is in Dutch read this homeskillet!!!!!!!!!
    De Zweedse mensen kregen vaardigheden in hockey en over al het andere.

  23. No Name says:

    I Go for the anounser. He get my vote.
    No Name

  24. Beach Party Barbie says:

    well well well…… Counting votes here and well looks like hamish won!!! BUT their are 3 unknown messages one in German,arabic, and Dutch so who knows?

  25. Beach Party Barbie says:

    well well well…… Counting votes here and well looks like hamish won!!! BUT their are 3 unknown messages one in German,arabic, and Dutch so who knows?

  26. Beach Party Barbie says:

    well who should i choose umm… close call but i guess bab bam wins for me so well hamster you were good and all but he did better.

  27. Catwoman says:

    Yo home doggs
    I so go like with Bam Bam Dude i cant me no speak elpano. So dude not a chance. My hommy Bam Bam has my vote

  28. i love the hamster dude!!! he was sooo cool!!!

  29. blurbinator says:

    hamster rules!! Bam bam c’mon green eggs and ham?!? spanish rapping hamster you rule!!! try dutch next time!!
    ps: opus is in the house!
    stay real!

  30. Melvin the Chicken Hunter says:

    Fo Shizzle. That was some pretty sweet rappin’. I’m glad I got front row seets. Bam Bam had me movin’ to his Seuss but da Hamsta’s lyrics were off the hook. DJ cash money did a good job announcing too. I think Bam Bam’s language was nerdy though like: “I’m wondering what a corner is.” My vote overall goes to DA HAMSTA!!!! Keep rappin’; MAN YANA!!!!!!!
    From da only cool Homeskillet,
    Melvin the Chicken Hunter

  31. Elmo says:

    bam bam rox! he is the koolest & he knows how to rap!
    i was laffing so hard FAnta spewed out of my nose! keep up the good work.

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