Booing American Idol Judges…

Americanidol2005_1903In response to the increasing popularity of our recent American Idol podcasts, two of our fellow Blurbers have decided to make a follow up podcast.  In our previous podcast, the two Blurbers debated about whether it was OK or not for the American Idol judges to openly insult the contestants. 

This time around, we decided to discuss if it is okay for the crowd to boo the American Idol judges if they say something the crowd doesn’t like?

For people who don’t watch American Idol, right now on the show there are 16 contestants left.  Each week, the contestants perform for a minute and a half.  The judges then give them feedback on their performance.  It seems however that the judges can’t say anything bad about the contestants without being booed by the crowd.

So our critical question is:  Is it alright for the crowd to boo the judges?  Is the crowd now being mean?

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_ai_3.mp3

Leave us a comment and tell us what you think…and join us again soon on The Blurb.


Doink the Clown and Carapotato

Image retrieved from on March 7, 2007


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One Response to Booing American Idol Judges…

  1. Skip Rope says:

    Boo them,
    If the boos were disrupting the audio of the show then I would ask the audience to refrain from expressing their satisfaction or dissatisfaction until after the opinion of the judges was made. It is the concept of the show; someone sings and then gets reviewed by a panel of judges.
    Presently, it does not appear to be affecting the show. When I was younger and watched wrestling, the crowds would boo after a villan entered the ring; example- The Iron Sheik, or Rowdy Roddy Piper. When The Hulkster appeared they all went crazy.
    Listen to the crowd tonight…They are quiet until the villan speaks.

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