Wide, Wonderful Wyoming!


The Blurb currently has visits from 62 countries and 49 states.  We’ve had visitors from Kembla, Kiewa and Kitchener.  Man, we’ve even had visitors from Saskatchewan!  (Do you even know where Saskatchewan is?)  But we’ve never had a visitor from Wyoming.  Why not Wyoming?  I mean, we at The Blurb are beginning to wonder if anybody lives in Wyoming.

To persuade you to visit Wyoming and enjoy its inner beauty, we’ve taken the liberty of planning your vacation for you.  Here is a list of 10 things your typical tourist would enjoy in Wyoming.  We hope it will encourage you to go—and to visit The Blurb while you are there:

1.  Interested in Jackalopes?  Then visit the world’s largest concrete Jackalope statue in the heart of downtown Douglas, Wyoming!  Douglas is considered the home of the Jackalope, so where’s a better place for a giant concrete statue of one than there?

2.  Are you a skilled paleontologist?  Probably not, but you can pretend for a day and visit a house constructed of 26,000 dinosaur bones.  This dinosaur graveyard is "the largest cabin in the world" and is located in Medicine Bow, Wyoming.

3.  If you like to climb, where better to visit than Vedauwoo?  Vedauwoo consists of unusual rock formations, and its name is a Native American word meaning "Earth bound spirits."  Vedauwoo is located near Laramie, Wyoming.

4.  When in Wyoming, you may want to experience a little of its nature—especially its animals.  If so, you may consider visiting the National Elk Refuge in Jackson, Wyoming.  Take a sleigh ride over to the refuge where you can set your eyes on a herd of 5,000 elk!

5.  If you’d like to experience a less….obscure Wyoming adventure, perhaps you could spend a day in Yellowstone National Park.  Yellowstone has many attractions in the Northwestern part of Wyoming, including Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs and the falls.

6.  If you’re worried about money but need a vacation, Wyoming is the perfect place to visit!  Many of its attractions are free…like the Big Boy Steam Engine.  The Big Boy Steam Engine celebrates Wyoming’s train heritage with a giant retired train engine.

7.  If history interests you, spend a while in Laramie at a monument of President Lincoln.  Yes…A giant Lincoln!  This monument is of only Lincoln’s head.  It is 12.5 feet high and can be seen from quite a distance away.  (Talk about having a big head!)

8.  Many people don’t necessarily consider Wyoming the vacation destination. It could be the location.  Or maybe its the "not-so-interesting" picture you get in your head when you think, "Wyoming."  That will all change when you visit Cody, Wyoming and experience a daily street gun fight.  This event takes place in front of the Irma Hotel, once owned by the famous outlaw Buffalo Bill.

9.  The Ames Brothers Pyramid (The shovel manufacturers…not the night club singers!!) is a fun off-the-road attraction in Laramie, Wyoming.  Brothers Oliver and Oaks Ames bribed Congress to finance the Union Pacific Railroad.  The Railroad decided to show its appreciation by building—you guessed it—a large pyramid! 

10.  One last fun suggestion for you while you visit Wyoming is to play this wonderful anthem created by Blurb Staffers about the true glory of Wyoming at full blast in your rental car with the windows rolled down.  (Remember, we’re hoping someone will visit our site, right?). 

Here’s the tune:

Download blurbcast_65_a_tribute_to_wyoming.mp3

So there you have it:  Ten wonderful reasons to VISIT WYOMING….and The Blurb at the same time!!!



Image retrieved from http://teachski.com/pcindex2004/wyomingflag.gif on March 14, 2007


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I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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6 Responses to Wide, Wonderful Wyoming!

  1. You can no longer say you’ve never heard from anyone in WY. I’m the Superintendent of Public Instruction and I like your choices! I’ve also forwarded you email to our Business Development and Tourism folks, hopefully they’ll post too.
    Jim McBride

  2. CHUCKLES says:

    Hi blurbers,
    I just made a new website and i love what your doing. i have been inspired by you to start my own current event webpage. I told all about you in my first post on the page!!!!!
    Thank you blurbers and leave me a comment back to tell me some great ideas for my website. I want to get to be just like you guys where tons of people come to my website.

  3. Dubbs says:

    Hey blurbers!!!
    Great content… My name is Alan Dubberley and I am the deputy director for Wyoming Travel & Tourism. We promote Wyoming as a vacation destination to the world and what you have here is awesome.
    Thanks so much for posting this info and to add to the mix… we do have people in WY, only about 500,000 for the whole state. There are more cattle and sheep in WY than people. Also… check out Grand Teton National Park… every bit as wonderful as Yellowstone.
    Keep up the fabulous work!

  4. Panic! girl says:

    Hey Blurbers,
    I loved the podcast it was awsome and it’s pretty weird that you had no Wyoming visits until after this post. I personaly think that the first song by Bam Bam Bigelow was good because it is so origanal. Keep making awsome podcast!!
    Bam Bam Bigelow has a WONDERFUL voice!!
    Panic! girl

  5. King Big Papi II says:

    I am very proud that you got Wyoming. Can you try in get that person back and show him Opus. Again, Congrats!
    KBP II

  6. LLgnome says:

    I am the proud older sister of the writer of this story, and I am pleased to know that the blurb did eventually acquire a Wyoming!!!

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