Trouble in Russian Mines….

Potosi_minersIn Russia, there has been many coal minerslike reporters—dying because of badly built mines that were made 40 years ago.  Russian leader Vladimir Putin doesn’t want to fix them because it will take too much time and money.  This has led to the deaths of over 100 miners in the last ten years.

It is important for Russia to mine because they are a huge exporter of natural resources.  This is how Russia makes a lot of their money.  Vladimir Putin just thinks that its a wast of money to make the mines better, so why do it.

In our podcast, we’ll look at the two sides to this story and explore them.  Listen to our thoughts here:

Download blurbcast_65_trouble_in_the_mines.mp3

So leave us a comment and tell us if you think the government of Russia should be concerned about these poorly built mines.


The Hamster and Melvin the Chicken Hunter

Image retrieved from on March 30, 2007


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