We’re On Spring Break!

Happy_manSo we’ve got bad news and really bad news for you today. 

The bad news:  The Blurb may be a bit sparse over the next few days because we’re on Spring Break here at cyber-middle school.  We’ve got a few posts saved up to try to keep fresh content posted, but there may not be as much fresh content as you’re used to.

The Really Bad News:  We recorded a spring break song.  (It’s definitely time for a much needed break because we seem to have lost our minds!)

Listen at your own risk:

Download blurbcast_68_spring_break_rap.mp3

Keep your eyes out for posts over break and be sure to join us again soon!


Bam Bam Bigelow and the Boys….

Image retrieved from http://shobansen.bravehost.com/myPictures/happy_man.gif on March 30, 2007


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I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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4 Responses to We’re On Spring Break!

  1. Hmm…
    That was nice???
    Well, apparently Spring Break does some weird things to kids minds at cyber middle school. Your so-called “song” was “interesting”. However, I found it quite enjoyable to just relax and laugh right before Spring Break.
    Too bad Our Opus didn’t make a song too.
    A Spring Break Bound Listener,
    Anonymous Bob

  2. Father Funkenstein says:

    This spring initiation song was not quite up to the last one posted. Who was that pretending to be a mosquito in the background? That was annoying!
    Hope your spring break was great!

  3. Simon, Randy, and Paula says:

    Spring Breakers,
    That sounded like a group of people that need a week of no homework.
    It was a bit “pitchy” in spots. I don’t think you will be with us next week with that type of performance.
    Fortunately the outfit was great.
    Ryan, Take it away.

  4. Snoopy1(opus person) says:

    The reason we did not do a somg because our teacher was in europe and we could not record anything!

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