Unveiled…Part 3!


If you remember, earlier this year a Muslim teacher was forced to take her traditional veil off because it was said that it was distracting her students.  Schools in England now are banning religious clothing if it gets in the way of student learning.  This includes the Muslim niqubs or full face veils.

So our question is should students and teachers be able to wear veils to school?  Is education more important than religion?

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_67_unveiled_part_3.mp3

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One Response to Unveiled…Part 3!

  1. Father Funkenstein says:

    I like the recent exploration of freedom of speech and freedom of expression (blog entry on Hosni Mubarik, Lech Walesa’s “blockhead” comment, UK teacher’s veil wearing). Maybe a summary of US Supreme Court rulings on freedom of speach over the past 100 years is in order. In any case, dictators (Mubarik) usually jail dissidents, revolutionaries (Walesa) usually speak their mind, and governmental institutions (UK schools) typically establish dress codes to ensure a good learning environment. So what has been the long history of freedom of speech in the US??? Please research and post!

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