The Tale of the Tragic Backpack…


This recording will be memorable to The Blurb Nation. It is an epic tale of love for a young man’s prize possession…his backpack. The story starts when our friend DJ Cash Money left his backpack in the deep recesses of his somewhat safe locker. Then he made a tragic decision—Cash Money set his lock so when he returned it would open without the hassle of of twisting it a few times.

The backpack was promptly stolen by a villain intent on causing distress in the life of our young hero.  A ransom note appeared demanding that Cash Money record a Medieval Lament Poem in order to gain the release of his trusty backpack. 

Here is that poem:

Download blurbcast_48_a_backpack_tragedy.mp3

Hopefully the villainous backpack napper will hear this recording and find it in his heart to reunite Cash Money with his missing treasure. 

We’ll keep you posted,

The Hamster and Bam Bam Bigelow

Image retrieved from on April 4, 2007


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One Response to The Tale of the Tragic Backpack…

  1. Skip Rope says:

    Dj Cash Money
    Look at the bright side; No Books…..
    No Homework.
    Enjoy your fun filled, stress free weekend.

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