Strut Your Smarts…

2006_07_21t022102_314x450_us_missunAnyone feeling brilliant today?  Then move to Sweden where the Miss Sweden Beauty Competition is rethinking the qualifications for their pageant.  The contestants must not only be beautiful, but must also be a good leader, friendly and for world peace.  After all, the woman crowned Miss Sweden represents the country for a year. 

Should she just be representing beauty?  Since the model is an important role model–especially to young girls–will she be giving them the wrong idea that beauty is everything if she wins the pageant only because of her looks?

Or do all competitions focus on just one thing and people know that’s just what that contest is about?  Is a beauty pageant any worse than a sport, a singing or dancing competition or a game show?

Here’s what we think: 

Download blurbcast_70_strut_your_smarts.mp3

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Anonymous Bob and Peoples

Image retrieved from on April 16, 2007


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