Blurb Visitor Update…

Blurb_logo_5_computers_around_globeSo it’s been a busy few months here at Blurb Headquarters.  We topped 10,000 page views a few weeks back and currently stand at almost 13,000.  We average about 70 page views a day and almost 900 per week.  We’ve got somewhere between 35 and 45 regular subscribers.  We recently received a visitor or two from Wyoming, giving us page views from every state.  We’ve also had visitors from every Canadian province except the Northwest Territories. 

Our quest to be "Heard Round the World" is also going remarkably well, as we have now had visitors from 95 different countries including Mozambique, Nepal, Khazakstan and Mauritius.  That equals about 43% of the currently recognized countries. 

Here’s our current map of visitors by country:


Not bad for a bunch of cyberkids, huh?


Bam Bam Bigelow


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I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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