No Small Deal…

6a00c2251e81d2f21900ccff8db661406_3There’s a big debate going on in the world over a tiny baby.  At a hospital in Miami, Florida, the smallest surviving baby was born.  At birth, she was only as long as a pen and weighed just as much as a chocolate bar.  Now–at four months old and weighing 2 kilograms (4 pounds)–she’s finally being released from the hospital. 

She’s getting special medical care at home, but not as much as at the hospital.  She’s at high risk for a very dangerous disease, but she’s grown a lot in four months.

Our critical question is do her parents have some rights to live with their child after four months even though it might endanger the child?

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_71_smallest_baby.mp3

Leave us a comment, share your thinking and join us again soon on the Blurb.

-Peoples and Minnie Mouse

Image retrieved from on April 20, 2007


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One Response to No Small Deal…

  1. THE JOKER says:

    I can’t belive a baby was as tall as a pen at birth!

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