“Operation Condor-A Huge Sucess”

Operation_condor Here today on The Blurb, we are celebrating a very special occasion.  Our beloved student teacher, Blanch Whatserface, has her last day today (April 20, 2007).  She has been our student teacher for pretty much the whole year, and has taught us so much about LA. 

None of us can express our undying adoration for her in just one letter, so we wrote her almost 100!  We are also getting her 5 pairs of shoes and a hair cutting kit.  The shoes that we get her are the ugliest we can find, because we always joke that we think her shoes are ugly.  We also have an inside joke that she works at a haircutting place.

We hope to find some shoes that look like this:


We raised money at school and disguised it as "Operation Condor".  We are holding a huge party disguised as "Condor Stations".  Our letters include many special phrases like: "We all really appreciated you teaching us this year and making everything seem easy" -Papa Shango

"You had a great understanding of sixth graders, and how they would react to things" -Hamster

"You were funny and had a great sense of humor" -Smash

"Your shoes were very inspiring to girls like us" -Pooh Bear and Malibu Barbie

"This year you’ve taught me a lot, but you’ve mostly taught me what not to wear" -Bumblebee Bob

"Words cannot describe how much I’ll miss your shoes" -Raggedy Anne

"I’ve always admired your smiling and good sense of humor" -Anonymous Bob

"Whatever you were teaching us, you somehow made it fun and interesting  PS I like your gold shiny shoes the best" -Peoples

"You have an awesome sense of fashion when it comes to shoes and clothes even if you do look slightly like a bannana/rubber duck/other random yellow thing" -Piglet

"I’m going to miss your sense of humor" -Bannana Brain

"It’s unbelieveable how well you understood us this year" -Ribbet the Frog

We have lots of others but not much time.

Here’s one last Powerpoint dedicated to her:

Download dear_mrs_1_1._Blanton….ppt

Made by Trixie the Pixie


The Warlord


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