Shark Tales

Black20tipped20reef20shark_10A few days ago, three Black Tip Reef Sharks died in an aquarium in Norfolk. The staff in the aquarium said they are "deeply concerned and upset" about what happened. A staff member accidently put the water two degrees colder than it should have been, causing the sharks to die.

This incident wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t taken the sharks out of their natural habitat in the first place. The sharks did provide entertainment for a while and an incident like this is very rare.

The critical question is: Is it okay to take animals out of their safe natural habitat just for our entertainment?

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_69_shark_tales.mp3

Extra credit: How does this relate to another current event that we did, called Happy Feet?


Pooh Bear and Raggedy Anne


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One Response to Shark Tales

  1. THE JOKER says:

    This page is really great!
    Sharks are my favorite sea

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