Our Current Argument #1

ArgumentLast week, we studied a bunch of really important current events in class here at Cybermiddle.  They were:

Honeybee Disappearance:  In London, England the bee population has decreased greatly over the past few years. This has also happened all around the world.

Environmental Crisis in the Galapagos:  The Galapagos Islands has had troubles with the ecosystem. Illegal fishing in protected waters, tourism, and the introduction to invasive species are only some of the few reasons why this is true.

Tagging Walruses:  Scientists have been tagging walruses with electronic devices just to find out where they are going for the winter.

Homeless in Brazil: In Brazil, homeless people have not had any places to stay. Therefore, they have been forced to live in a dirty, old, cramped hotel.

Denmark Explores Biofuel Solutions:  Since now, biofuels have been made from eating sources, such as corn. However, Denmark wants to find other resources to make biofuels, like hay.

While all of these current events were important, the one that stood out to me was about the honeybee crisis.  In London, England, the amount of bees has dropped greatly over the past few years.  Bees have not only buzzed off in England, but all over the world.  These insects are very important to the environment because they help by pollinating plants.  If the bee population declines, then it will affect the human race because we depend on plants for food.  Without bees, the food web will be in danger. 

Also, plants provide humans with oxygen to breathe.  If bees die away, then there will be fewer plants to provide oxygen.  Therefore, the poor people in Brazil won’t even live, so they don’t have to worry about finding a home.  As you can see, bees play a significant role in an environment and without them it would be difficult to survive. 

So which current event do you think was the most important?  Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon on The Blurb!


Raggedy Anne

Image retrieved from http://www.sgilpin.com/argument.jpg on April 25, 2007


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One Response to Our Current Argument #1

  1. sandy says:

    Bees in the USA have also gone missing. I wonder if it’s related?

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