A Backpack Tragedy 2

Hamster_singing From the diary of The Hamster,

Dear Diary,

Today, all of the contents of my locker were stolen! All I did was accidently leave my combination lock open. I was missing all of the textbooks, the folders, the pictures of the girls I can only dream about, everything down to my pet dustbunny, Toodles.

I was heartbroken until I was given a dash of hope by the suspect. The suspect left a note telling me that if I wrote a rock song in Spanish, then mabye, just mabye, he would give everything back. With my somewhat quick mind and fingers, I typed a song. Then I grabbed a bass player, guitar player and drummer. We went to work… and rocked it out. I’ve learned my lesson for now, never again will I leave my locker open.

Listen to the song here:

Download blurbcast_72_backpack_tragedy_2.mp3

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The Hamster, Warlord, and Friends

Image retrieved from http://2achtel.stefanjann.de/pics/hamster_singing.jpg


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