19991101_poverty2_rkg_059When I first read Raggedy Anne’s argument about our current argument, I was convinced the honeybee story was most important. After all, people can’t live without honeybees…right?

Actually, humans will continue to live, even if honeybees don’t. Honeybees aren’t the only pollinators in the world. Other insects, birds, bats, and even wind help to spread pollen. If there aren’t enough of these other pollinators, humans will find a new way to pollinate plants.

Why have they not done this yet?

Because they don’t need to. At least not yet. Right now, only the honeybee, not the plant population is shrinking for this reason. You can argue that we should worry about the future, before it’s too late, but what about the present, and the problems we have NOW. While we invest all our money in studying bees, poor people in Brazil can’t invest money in food or beds. These people are lucky if they can survive until the time when there is not enough food or oxygen. Honeybees have just a seed for a problem that is just sprouting. Poverty is a full grown problem spreading all over the world.

Furthermore, poverty affects you and me. Only some scientists can do anything about the bees, but someday, some of MY tax dollars will go towards poor families. Everyone has to decide if they have a responsibility to help the poor, or if it’s the poor people’s fault. It’s a hard question, but also an important question that affects everyone.

Because poverty is a current problem that EVERYONE should care about, it is more important than a loss of honeybees.

What do you think?



Image retrieved from on April 30, 2007


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  1. The Warlord says:

    My argument against the argument against the arguement:
    I think that the most important current event this week was the current event about the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador. This current event was about tourism destroying the habitat of the flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands. The habitat is being destroyed by the making of paths, roads, hotels, ports (to get supplies from the mainland), pumps (to pump water), and pollution from creating electricity. Many of the animals and plants in the Galapagos Islands are rare or endangered. It is very important that we protect endangered or rare species, because if they die out, the world will lose a unique life form! This current event is very important because it raises people’s awareness of this topic. If people do not know about a problem, then they cannot help find a solution, or at least stop causing harm. If people know about this problem, they can donate to an organization that helps preserve the Galapagos Islands, and some animal and plant species will be protected by the organization.
    This is much more important than poor people, because every unique species plays its own role in the food chain! If something is taken out of the food chain, the entire food web for that ecosystem is changed.
    Plus, the Galapagos islands are the main tourist destination in Ecuador, and brings in loads of money.
    The main reason that this is more important than poor people is WE didn’t get them into that position. Either they got themselves into that position, or someone that we don’t know got them into that position!
    However, in the case of the Galapagos islands, many tourists are destroying the ecosystem. WE are tourists!
    There is my stance, but what do you think about the issue?
    The Warlord

  2. Jake L says:

    I think that the homeless Africans is the most important because if u look at our life’s in the US, UK, and all those other wealthy countries compared to the poor peoples life’s, it really isn’t fair. I think that the countries of the world should work together to save what’s left of Africa because they have NOTHING. Some people think that we should help the poor people in our country first when it sorts there fault but in Africa those kids can’t choose were they want to live. I read the article from the post you made and I think it is horrible that children like you and me have to live in abandoned buildings for shelter.
    I can’t wait to see more of the current argument strand!!!!

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