My Argument Against the Argument Against the Current Argument

BluefootedboobiegalapagosbigHere today on the Blurb, we have an interesting arguement about which current event was most important this week.  Raggedy Anne thought that Denmak exploring biofeul solutions was most importantPeoples thought that the poor people in Brazil was most important.  However, I think differently.

I think that the most important current event this week was the current event about the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador. This current event was about tourism destroying the habitat of the flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands. The habitat is being destroyed by the making of paths, roads, hotels, ports (to get supplies from the mainland), pumps (to pump water), and pollution from creating electricity. Many of the animals and plants in the Galapagos Islands are rare or endangered.

Img366 It is very important that we protect endangered or rare species, because if they die out, the world will lose a unique life form! This current event is very important because it raises people’s awareness of this topic. If people do not know about a problem, then they cannot help find a solution, or at least stop causing harm. If people know about this problem, they can donate to an organization that helps preserve the Galapagos Islands, and some animal and plant species will be protected by the organization.

This is much more important than poor people, because every unique species plays its Galapagos_travel_guide_035own role in their ecosystem’s food web! If something is taken out of the food web, the entire food web for that ecosystem is changed.  The main reason that this is more important than poor people is WE didn’t get poor people into that position. Either they got themselves into that position, or someone that we don’t know got them into that position!  However, in the case of the Galapagos islands, tourists are destroying the ecosystem. WE are tourists!

That’s my position, so what’s yours?  Leave us a comment and share your thinking and join us again on The Blurb!


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One Response to My Argument Against the Argument Against the Current Argument

  1. Skip Rope says:

    In the food webs I’ve seen, humans are higher than animals.
    If poor people are hungry…
    I say travel those new roads in the Galapagos Islands, bring a bottle of hot sauce, and enjoy some tasty critters.
    Throwing money at poor people doesn’t work; send them resources to help them survive where they are or help them to leave is probablty the best way to utilize our resources.
    We should do our best to try and help preserve the creatures of the Galapagos but not to extremes. Charge extremely high visiting fees; it will drop the amount of “disneyland toursits” and leave exploration to scientists.

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